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1. Introduction
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The IlkeScroller plugin has been created with the great idea of create a custom scroll, very different to the browser's scrolls, that you could apply in several areas or layers of your site.

It is very symple to use and it has varied settings options that let you made final stetic, beautiful and different products.

When we imagine this plugin, our intention was to use it in our own extensions or any Joomla! content, so the IlkeScroller plugin is a SYSTEM PLUGIN


2. Installation
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The installation process to be carried out to dispose of IlkeScroller system plugin is the usual for the Joomla! extensions.

You have to follow the next steps:

  • To Register on the Ilke Benson Extensions Web (, in case of not having done previously.
  • To Confirm the register process through this web mail, in case of not having done previously.
  • Log in the web using the same user and password selected on the register process.
  • Clik on "Downloads" on the upper menu.

    The Ilke Benson developed extensions will be shown.

  • In this case, we click over "IlkeScroller" and then over "Plugins".
  • The final step will be select the "plg_ilkescroller" correct Joomla! version and the download starts.
  • In our Joomla! develop we only have to follow the regular steps to install an extensions from zip file.


3. Settings
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The plugin has a lot of configuration options that could be change in the Joomla! plugin configuration page.

Below you can see the detail of each configuration option that could be seen in this chapter image.

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  • 1 -> Scroll type. OPTIONS: image, colours

    In case of choose the Image type you could change the default images replacing their corresponding files in the folder "plugins/system/ilkescroller/":

    • back.png -> middle bar image, in case of activate it.
    • scrollbar.png -> scroll background image.
    • scrollerBottom.png -> Bar's lower end to up the content.
    • scrollerTop.png -> Bar's upper end to down the content.
  • 2 -> ¿Show ends?. OPTIONS: YES, NO

3.2. SIZE
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  • a -> Scroll width in px.
  • b -> Ends height in px.
  • c -> Scroll to content distance in px.

3.3. ENDS
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  • d -> End's border width in px.
  • e -> End's border colour.
  • f -> End's background colour.

3.4. BAR
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  • g -> Bar's border width in px.
  • h -> Bar's border colour.
  • i -> Bar's background colour.
  • j -> Show middle bar image. OPTIONS: YES, NO
  • k -> Bar width in px.

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  • l -> Scroll border width in px.
  • m -> Scroll border colour.
  • n -> Scroll background colour.


4. Usage
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Once you activate the IlkeScroller plugin on your Joomla! develop, you need to create to divs for every scroll you want in your web. Obviously you could change your source code to include the two divs in the presentation layer of the code.

Several scrolls could be use in the same page, ever having the same appearance because they has the same setting options.

The created divs will be:

  • CAPA MARCO -> La forma de definirla que indicamos es orientativa, pudiendo emplear la forma que estime oportuno. Esta capa deberá tener como mínimo definido el ancho y el alto, aparte de ocultar los scrolls automáticos del navegador para evitar problemas. Las medidas de ancho y alto serán las que tendrá el espacio donde se enmarcará el scroll.
  • ILKESCROLLER -> Capa de estilo 'ilkeScroller' ('div class="ilkeScroller"'). Esta capa iniciará el motor del plugin para generar el scroll con las opciones configuradas. Dentro de esta capa es donde debe de encontrarse el contenido que forme parte del scroll.


5. Example
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These are some examples of ilkescroller final configuration options