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IlkeFarmers Description

IlkeFarmers ir our Farms Management System. With this tool we could show the Farm Companies list of an asociation or group of clients, categorizing them by race or animal bred. The system shows a data form for each farm, and we have got a random farm module and several useful plugins available.

¿What is a Farms Management used for? With IlkeFarmers the asociation's webs and similar could have a farms list in two different formats, linking each farm with its data form. This is focuses to categorize by race bred although we could use other criteria.

¿Could it be used for other purposes? A farm management system is, in base, a companies management system focused in farms... but it could be used for any type of business. Each company has got its logo, two images and several locations. Instead of farms, with this schema we could show any type of company, simply changing the captions on the language text files.

¿What does Ilke Farmers consist of?

  • Component The component is the Farms Management system. It let you create three types of menus, listed by icons (two columns), simply listed and a farm data form. The lists include search engine, pagination and could be filtered by categories, in this case races. The data form consist of all the data including the iron sign (or another representative icon), two images and one form for each location with its google map.
  • Module The module has three different displays and it shows a random farm.
  • Link Plugin The link plugin generates a link from any article wrote in Joomla! which includes the farm alias. The alias will be shown as the farm name and it will link to the farm data form.
  • Email Plugin This plugin is focused to the farm's asociations webs. All article wrote in Joomla! will be send by mail to all the breeders' email address (if the breeder or farm includes the e-mail address). With this tool the asociation get in contact with its partners letting them know the lastest web changes.
  • Xmap Plugin Xmap is an extension which let you improve the web positioning or SEO. IlkeFarmers, thanks this plugin, includes its information in Xmap to improve as soon as possible our web map. Xmap will include all the lists in the web and the farm's data forms too.


We hope you like it and fint it useful. We have available the forum to let you ask us any doubt you could have got. We are pleased if you report us if you install it and we offer you the possibility of include your web in the Ilkefarmers' users list.

Always at your entire disposal

Ilke Benson